Training for young journalists

Gender & Migration in Media calls young  journalists living in Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany to connect, debate and learn over a 2-day online workshop in October.

During the workshop we will focus on exploring migration reporting through different gender perspectives. We will analyze how gender is used and represented in different media content handling migration, how do we value sources based on gender and discuss the opportunities and obstacles for creating more balanced and diverse stories.

We will also focus on safety and discuss how gender affects our work as journalist, when we are reporting about migration, but also from the point of view of protecting our sources.

The main approach will be facilitated peer-learning combined with short expert interviews and keynote speeches. In the end participants will be focusing on developing solutions to identified problems in Gender & Media Challenge.

Stay tuned, as the full programme will be published by mid-September.

Time and venue:

  • 22nd October 14-20 (EET, UTC +2)
  • 23rd October 12.30-20 (EET, UTC +2)
  • Online training platform

Training goals:

  • Providing young journalists insight and tools to gender sensitive reporting on migration. After the training the participants will be able to identify different gender related identities given to migrants by the media, and to self-critically estimate their own work.
  • Providing young journalists ideas for new ankles and sources for reporting issues related to gender and migration. After the training the participants will have the capacity to produce more diverse stories.
  • Providing young journalists necessary safety and risk management skills. After the training the participants are able to identify and manage gender-related risks, have the basic skills for reporting from risky environments and topics, and understand their role in protecting the sources.
  • Producing concrete solutions to problems related to gender and migration which are identified during the workshop. After the training the participants will have solutions they will be able to implement in their own work.

Target group:

Young journalists from 20 to 30 years old from Finland, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany. Journalists with migrant background are encouraged to apply.

Amount of participants:
Max. 30

How to register?

Vikes will open an online application call for the training on the 22nd of September 2020.

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