What will you invest in for the New Year? A film you couldn’t even finish watching? New jeans you don’t really need? A cruise you didn’t have time to go on after all? Or a too expensive dinner that could have been skipped? Or would you join us in supporting freedom of expression and journalism where it is needed most?

1. Valitse lahjoitussumma ja liity kuukausilahjoittajaksi

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2. Valitse lahjoituskohde

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What do you do with the money?

Training and support for women journalists

Women journalists are at a disadvantage compared to men. They experience sexual harassment, have lower levels of education, and negative attitudes hinder their access to jobs and career progression. By donating, you support the training of women journalists and promote gender equality in editorial work.

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Courageous acts for freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is a human right and one of the cornerstones of democracy. Freedom of expression requires that people are informed and can express their views. By donating, you will support, for example, the strengthening of freedom of expression for immigrants in Finland and the work of independent media in Central America.

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Investigative journalism and media training

Producing high-quality, independent and autonomous journalism requires skill and respect for ethical rules. By donating, you will enable investigative journalism and media professional training on four continents.

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