We support independent media in Central America

Brave journalists do their best in dangerous Central America. However, the circumstances are very difficult. Vikes supports media independence and quality and creates links between the media and civil society.

In Central America, governments have become increasingly authoritarian and democratic development has regressed.

This is reflected in the manipulation and fraud of electoral systems, growing corruption, restrictions on freedom of expression and the press, and increasing repression of citizens.

Governments seek to control all news, and their own communications are characterised by propaganda and polarising fake news.

Countries also lack a strong civil society and representative organisations to support independent media. Both are important, because without a strong civil society and independent media, it will not be possible to put countries back on the path to democracy.

This makes the work of independent media and civil society actors more important than ever.

Vikes and local partners aim to secure access to information for citizens by supporting independent, innovative and more financially sustainable media and NGOs.

With Vikes’ support, local partners are carrying out independent journalism and communication in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras. Vikes’ Nicaraguan partners now operate largely from exile.

Vikes also supports the sustainability of partners and provides training and networking for journalists in the region. An important effort in this respect is the annual Central American Journalism Forum ForoCAP.

Expected results

  1. Independent media, journalists’ unions and NGOs have increased their funding and improved their administrative capacity.
  2. NGOs, journalists and independent media are well networked and their work is strengthened by the exchange of information and experience.
  3. High quality information provided by independent media and NGOs reaches a wider audience and minorities.