Supporting Yangon Film School in Myanmar

Yangon Film School is training a new generation of documentary filmmakers in Myanmar, despite the military coup.

Yangon Film School, a long-time partner of Vikes, wants to diversify the debate in the country. It trains documentary filmmakers to tell stories and share the ideas of people from all over the country.

Yangon Film School pays particular attention to the promotion of equality and equity. Fifty per cent of the school’s students are always women and 40 per cent from ethnic minorities.

Vikes supports the school’s teaching activities and the gradual transfer of the school’s activities to local hands. The school’s administration used to be based in Germany and has been gradually transferred to Yangon. The military coup of 2021 has slowed down this process.

The funding for 2023-25 will be quite small, and Vikes’ support will focus on supporting the school’s normal teaching activities.

In particular, Vikes supports and monitors the results of the Train-to-Teach programme, which transfers knowledge to local teachers, and aims to ensure that the school has stronger local knowledge and ownership in the future by strengthening its administrative capacity.

Vikes’ support will also be channelled to the Travelling Cinema concept, which organises local activities in rural Myanmar.