Volunteer for Vikes? – “Surprisingly reciprocal work”

2 May, 2019

Want to get involved in supporting women journalists in Nepal and Tanzania, help freedom of expression in Central America or mentor a journalist who has moved to Finland? Volunteers are needed for projects run by Vikes and our partners.

Priska Autio, a media and content producer, joined Vikes out of curiosity and also because she has received a lot of help from different mentors in her career.

In practice, supporting journalists who have moved to Finland also taught her.

“Mentoring is a surprisingly reciprocal business. Even if you go there as a mentor, you are guaranteed to learn something new yourself,” says Autio.

Vikes is currently looking for volunteers to work with women journalists in Nepal and Tanzania, for example in the project steering group. A project meeting is planned for early June. The Central America project also needs background support for those interested in the region.

For those interested in mentoring journalists or journalism students with an immigrant background, Vikes will organise a networking event with Haaga-Helia’s training programme for journalists with an immigrant background and workshops with Maailma.net in the autumn.

Most of the work is voluntary, but expenses are reimbursed. Interested parties can contact the Executive Director directly([email protected]) for further information.

“I challenge you to volunteer for Vikes projects”, says Priska Autio.

“It can be a really small thing for you – it takes as much time as you can give it – but it can be a really big thing for the people you meet during the project and the dreams you help them to achieve.”

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