Network for global journalists

The Facebook group is the first to know about the Development Journalism Award, Vikes grants and events. Tailored events are also organised for the network.

Welcome to an informal group of Global Journalists!

The Vikes network for journalists interested in global issues is an open Facebook group called Global Journalists.

The background to this is Vikes’ desire to network better with development journalists, and to offer a range of services to journalists in the field.

The network was launched on 24. March 2022 at the “Journalism from Africa” event organised by Vikes in cooperation with the Development Communication Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Grants, prize, events

Events will continue to be organised for the Global Journalists Network, such as coffee mornings or other information and networking events. Vikes runs the group in close cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ development communication department.

The network is the first to be informed about Vikes’ services and events, such as the Development Journalism Award, which Vikes has established together with the Finnish Red Cross, Helsingin Sanomai Foundation and the Union of Journalists in Finland.

Trainings and development academy

Vikes organises annual training sessions for journalists and students alike. A network of global journalists can be one of the target groups for training, but also a source of expertise.

Training courses are organised in different parts of Finland, and they often call for expert foreign journalists to train and share their experiences. Experts can also be sought from within the network.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will also continue its work with journalists. It organises an annual Development Academy, which introduces Finnish journalists to development issues. At the end of the Academy, participants are encouraged to join the Global Journalists Group.