Call for applications: interesting project work for three volunteers

22 Nov, 2019

Vikes is currently implementing the Women in Media project in Tanzania and Nepal to strengthen the professional development and empowerment of women journalists. Together with local partners, we have designed three volunteer positions that are now open until 8 December 2019. 

Part of each volunteering assignment is carried out in Finland and includes a period of work in the host country of 1-3 weeks. The tasks are of a project nature, so the time can be adapted to the schedule of the selected volunteer where appropriate. 

The following tasks are open:

1) Developing a mentoring programme for women journalists and strengthening the self-esteem of women journalists together with partners in Tanzania.

2) Monitoring the implementation of gender equality plans and conducting a survey on gender issues affecting women in Tanzania.

3) Conducting a survey of ongoing projects supporting suppliers and/or gender equality and supporting networking between actors in Nepal.

On the application page you will find more detailed job descriptions and an application form.

Vikes will familiarise volunteers with the project and the host country, make travel and accommodation arrangements and support volunteers throughout their volunteering period. There is no salary, but all travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed and volunteers receive a daily allowance for the duration of their stay in the host country.

Vikes also offers volunteers the chance to network with other volunteers and a unique opportunity to learn and develop as a professional. The most important thing is motivation and enthusiasm for development and the ability to learn new things!

So feel free to apply!

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