Reporting abuse and misconduct

Vikes adheres to the principles of good governance. We do not tolerate corruption, malpractice, or criminal conduct in our activities or operation. Vikes also enforces zero tolerance on sexual abuse, sexual violence, and sexual harassment, as well as on discrimination and abuse of power.

We require the same principles and actions from our partners.

Vikes expects its employees, trustees and partners to adhere to Vikes’ ethical principles (pdf). Vikes-funded entities are committed to non-discrimination and zero tolerance to harassment. Discrimination and harassment are also actively prevented in Vikes’ projects.

If there is any suspicion of abuse, discrimination or any harassment in Vikes’ own operations or in Vikes-funded projects, we hope that they will be reported to Vikes immediately. Tips and information on actions taken in violation of ethical principles will be investigated and corrective action will be taken if necessary.

Please report any concerns by e-mail:

All reports are handled with discretion.